It is a beautiful Saturday morning and I am sitting in the sunshine on the sofa in the lounge with the window open and a cold breeze wafting in through the open door.

The week has been a busy one, not slept that well because my pregnant wife is continually hot and has to keep the windows open. The weather has been very cold (down to minus 3 on Thursday) and very cold for a non-pregnant bloke. I could wear pyjamas but I hate pyjamas. I prefer to suffer!

Last night we had a takeaway curry (first of 2015) and watched Cambridge United vs. ManU in the FA Cup. Cambridge (bottom division in the football league) played exceptionally well, and their fans provided and incredible atmosphere. ManU played averagely and the game finished 0-0 and will be replayed in Manchester.

Two babies have been born to couples in our NCT group, out of 8 in total. There’s one more due before us.