I am in the process of switching from the software that I use. While both Sublime and iTerm are essential in my daily life one will be more difficult to switch away from than the other.

This post is a work in progress!


I have been using Sublime Text for about five years so changing from this to use something else will be a big challenge for me.

I have my own snippets in sublime (e.g. press cl + tab and you get console.log(); with the cursor within the parentheses) and many more things like this that have become muscle memory. It turns out that creating atom snippets is easy.

Another issue is projects. I work on multiple projects and I need a way of easily switching back and forth between them. It is simple in Sublime but I am yet to find a solution in Atom.


  • I am using the beta version of atom so if I need to open the current working directory I need to use the atom-beta . command. I have created an alias of a. to do the same thing.
  • Turns out you cannot easily use Atom and Atom Beta side-by-side in Windows.


  • inbuilt git support
  • inbuilt markdown preview
  • better linting, feels more current
  • easy to edit theme as built with electron and is on top of chromium.


  • is not sublime!


For me this was an easy transition because there were not many things specific to iTerm that I needed.


  • I needed to add EDITOR=atom-beta to my .bash_profile so I could open the config file